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Codroy Valley: Birding For Specialties (May 31- June 5th, 2020)

$1200 (accommodations included)

Codroy Valley Birds: Bay-breasted Warbler and Cape May Warbler

  The Codroy Valley located in extreme SW Newfoundland boasts some the most diverse and abundant bird populations in all of Newfoundland.

Due to it's proximity to mainland Canada, the Codroy Valley is perfectly situated to get collect overshooting, north-bound migrants. There are about 20 species of birds routinely found in the Codroy Valley that are not found (or very rarely found) in Spring, in the rest of Newfoundland.

I have been birding the Codroy Valley for 20 years in Spring. I have perhaps accumulated more collective birding hours in the area that any other birder. I have an intimate knowledge of the area and know all the best spots to find those Codroy specialty birds.

As well, I have strong knowledge of bird song, which is the absolute most important factor in determining if your Codroy trip will be successful or not. Most birds will be seen before they are heard and a knowledge of bird song is vital to get the most from this area. I know the bird songs, so you don't have to!

Birding on this trip is relatively leisurely, though the days can be long. We will often start at dawn, then return for an afternoon ciesta and do some more birding later in the afternoon or early evening. Essentially, the pace is determined by the birds, the weather and the group!

I've lead several previous trips to this area, all of which have been extremely successful. Species lists were over 100 species for all trips 

(for NL, that's quite good!)

But don't take my word for it, this is what former tour participant,

Alison Mews had to say about her Codroy Experience

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 "Several years ago I got my start in birding when I availed of Dave Brown’s introductory course on Newfoundland songbirds. His excellent photos opened my eyes to the possibilities and his ability to identify birds by song and then find them seemed magical. His seminars and field trips, most especially the one to the Codroy Valley, provided an amazing initiation to the joys of birding. I heartily recommend Dave Brown’s birding guide services"

      Alison Mews, St.John's, Newfoundland