Gull ID II

Sunday, September 2nd
(Common Ground Co-working, 30 Harvey Rd,St.John's)

Learn to identify Gulls the right way!

 This is the follow up to the Intro to Gulls Workshop. This course is valuable for beginner through intermediate gull enthusiasts. It would be good to have some knowledge of feather groups and basic gull aging.


 This course will focus on the identification of all Eastern North American species, with special emphasis on those gulls found in Newfoundland. I will also touch on separation of some look-alike species such as Ring-billed Gull/Common Gull. Black-headed Gull/Bonapartes Gull etc.


 We will touch on Yellow-legged Gull and Slaty-backed Gull, which is of particular importance to St.John's birders and those visiting in search of those species which are often annual in winter in St.John's.


This course will include the following:

  • 4+ hours classroom lecture

  • 4+ hours field study

  • copy of lecture notes and all photos

  • ongoing quiz bird email series to discuss and expand on material learned


At the end of this course you will have a vastly enhanced knowledge of Gull ID and most importantly, you will have a systematic approach to identifying Gulls which will greatly increase the confidence with which you ID Gulls.

I have gotten excellent feedback on this workshop in past and there are a number of very active local birders who took this course last time I offered it.