Newfoundland Winter Birding

January 12th-17th 2020

 $1400 (accommodations + evening meals included)
Newfoundland- Dovekies in Winte

Please contact us to express interest in this tour. At that time we will provide you with additional trip information, such as, clothing recommendations and a trip itinerary.

Please also see our reservation and refund policies.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  The tour starts and ends in St.John's, which is one of North America's oldest cities. You will enjoy extremely comfortable accommodations in downtown St.John's and will have ample opportunity to enjoy the cities diverse nightlife if you wish (if you aren't too tired from the birding!)

 This trip will move at a leisurely pace and the birding will be comfortable, with the vast majority of birding being done from within or near the vehicle.

Our primary focus for the trip will be targeting overwintering Boreal species, as well as any winter Alcids, Gulls and of course chasing any rarities that are around or found during our stay.

There will be a concerted effort made to find Yellow-legged Gull. This is easier in some years than other, but most years one can be found. After that our primary target will be Dovekie. Much of our birding will be done in and around St.John's, but we will branch out and travel the southern Avalon Peninsula, which will many opportunities for sea watching for various Alcids, such as Dovekie and Thick-billed Murre and should allow us looks at Common Eider (mainly borealis ssp) and hopefully a KING EIDER or two. Along the way there will be many opportunities for Boreal Chickadee, Pine Grosbeak, White-winged Crossbill and various other Boreal species.

While there is a plan and an itinerary, nothing is set in stone, our plans can and probably will change depending on the birding and the weather as well as the group goals. We will decide together what is best for the group!

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