Online Tutoring 

&  In Person Tutoring

Birding Newfoundland is proud to offer the FIRST EVER online bird ID tutoring sessions. There are countless bird apps and bird books, but nothing can replace experience, or rather learning directly from someone that has experience.

With our innovative online tutoring sessions, you can learn from an experienced, professional birder, in the comfort of your own home. You decide what you want to learn and we move at your pace. 

For example, maybe you have trouble identifying shorebirds, we can teach you a structured approach to remove the guess work from shorebird ID. We set up a webinar, using skype or a similar media program of your choosing.

Your goal might also be much more focused, maybe you just want to better understand the difference between Baird's and White-rumped Sandpipers, or first year Herring vs first year Lesser Black-backed Gull. Whatever your goal we can help you. You benefit from learning the tips and trick directly from an experienced birder, right from your own computer!

Perhaps you have a child who is interested in birds. This is a great opportunity for a guided walk for you and your child with a professional guide, who can help to foster and build on your child's interest! In person tutoring can take place at your home, or our office, or we can meet at a field location ( there may be an additional fee based on the location if we are meeting for a field session).

Pricing for online tutoring is as follows,

  •  $30/hour (included is a free introductory session, for online tutoring). The intro session is used to ensure our online connection is smooth and to discuss your goals and what you hope to achieve from our sessions. We can also give you a quote of the approximate number of hours required to cover the necessary material.

  • Within 7 days of the introductory session, if you choose to book greater than 5 hours, you can do so at the rate of $25/hour.

  • we are open to discussing more long term tutoring options. For example if you want to cover North American Gulls in it's entirety, we would design a course specifically for you and then price that accordingly.